Azerbaijan visa for Andorrans citizens

As of January 2017, Azerbaijan joined the countries that can give digitally visas. At the instant, there square measure ninety-three nationalities as well as Andorrans which will apply for such a document.

 Besides, more countries are to be added to the list such as Lithuania and UAE.


Visa Azerbaijan provides a tool called Visa Azerbaijan. With this tool checking your eligibility is quite easy.  Just insert Andorrans nationality, choose Azerbaijan as your destination, and you will get an information in just a second.

What are the requirements for Andorrans?

The list of requirements is short, and chances are that you already have everything you need.

Valid passport –A passport is required if you want to get a visa. Keep in mind that your passport needs to remain valid for at least another three months from your departure date.

·        A digital scan of your passport – whereas you fill within the form, you'll be asked to transfer a digital copy of your passport. Don’t forget to scan it before finishing the shape.

E-mail address – Visa Azerbaijan sends the documents via e-mail in PDF format. You need to take the hard copy of the visa with you also. So give the right email address. Payment method Visa Azerbaijan accepts multiple methods of payment. You will either use a credit or open-end credit  

Azerbaijan evisa  Application Form

Travelers from Andorran think of forms as something difficult to understand.  Visa Azerbaijan designed a short and simple application process that is easy to understand. But if you have any trouble while filling in the form, Visa Azerbaijan provides 24/7 customer service.

The process is broken down into three steps. Initially, you should insert your basic information such as name, address, email, date of birth, passport info, and so on. As you'll guess, the fees square measure a small amount higher additionally. You're additionally needed to settle on a time interval throughout this step. The second step consists of a straightforward revision and payment. Lastly, you wish to finish a private form and transfer extra documents.

Processing time and fees

Essentially, the processing time will dictate how much money you will be charged. Visa Azerbaijan provides three excellent options that are fit for every Andorrans. Here is what you can choose from:

Standard Visa  – For 65 $ you can get your Azerbaijan visa. Your application is going to be processed at intervals three business days.This is the cheapest option you have.    Urgent Visa – this one is ideal for people who forgot about their visa or have an emergency and need to be on the plane to Azerbaijan the next day. The application is processed in just 3 hours.

·         As you'll guess, the fees square measure a small amount higher additionally. The total amount will reach 110 $.

·         The e visa you acquire can enable you a 30-day most keep in Azerbaijan.

All Andorrans who want to stay 10 days more, they must be registered with the State Migration Service. You can raise your building or host a way to try this. They can help you.