Azerbaijan visa for Hong Kong

Visa Azerbaijan system started operating in January 2017. There are 93 common people, including China who can apply online. Including  Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates, gradually, more countries will have an entry to Azerbaijan electronic visa.


For checking if you have a chance to get an e visa in Azerbaijan the Visa Checker Visa service may help you with it.  Add China as your nationality and Azerbaijan as your destination firstly. The needed information will be shown on display within a second.



What documents are required for China visa?



Above all, collect all necessary documents together. The list of needed documents are:



·         Valid passport – bring a passport with you wherever you travel. But before traveling makes sure that your passport is valid and stay for at least three months from the date of departure until Azerbaijan.


·         Digital copy of your passport –before filling out the application form scan your passport and upload it. Scan the whole thing.


·         The current e-mail address – although the e visa will be electronically linked to your passport,  the China Visa will send to your e-mail address the e visa in PDF format. You have to print it and keep it among the other documents.  You will need it at the immigration office.


Evisa for Azerbaijan - application form



You need help, Visa has a great support service ready to receive your 24/7 calls.


The form is consists of three simple stages. First, off you should insert your basic information such as name, address, email, date of birth, passport info, and so on. At this point, you will be required to select a processing. Visa offers three excellent options for it:


·         Standard e-Visa processing time - your visa will be delivered within 3 business days. It costs 65 $.


·         Urgent e-Visa processing time - this option is for people who have a hurry.  You will receive your visa in just 3 hours within. The total amount will reach 110 $.



 In the second step make sure that all the information you insert is exact and make the payment. Traveling in China should include your information accurately to avoid any problems. You need to upload scan version of your passport in this step.  Other documents may also be necessary, but it depends on personal circumstances. After that, submit your form and wait for the visa to arrive in your email inbox.


If you want to stay in Azerbaijan more than 30 days you need to register your trip with the State Immigration Service. Hotels and business hosts provide such a service for you.   azerbaijan visa for china, e visa Azerbaijan, azerbaijan e visa cost, azerbaijan airport, visa azerbaijan online, visa application azerbaijan, visit visa azerbaijan, visa for china azerbaijan, visa online azerbaijan,azerbaijan tourist visa application, azerbaijan visa for china citizens, azerbaijan visa check online, azerbaijan visit visa requirements.