Azerbaijan visa for Turkish citizens


Last January 2017, Azerbaijan has also become one of the countries providing e-visa. The electronic visa system in Azerbaijan is called the ASAN. It helps Turkish citizens receive electronic visas unproblematic. People from 93 nationalities have access to Azerbaijan e visa. Likewise, soon more countries will have a chance to participate in the VisaAzerbaijan program.


In order to determine whether you have a chance to apply for a visa in Azerbaijan e visa or not you can use the  Turkey e visa controller tool. All you have to do is inserting Turkish nationality and choosing Azerbaijan as your destination. The needed information will be displayed in one second and you can apply immediately if fitting.




What are the conditions of Azerbaijan visa for Turkish citizens?



You need a few documents to apply for an Azerbaijan visa. List of things you need to provide while applying is short:



·         The current passport - If you want to get an Azerbaijan visa, a passport is the most needed thing that you should have. Make sure that your passport is valid and remains so for at least another three months your departure date to Azerbaijan visa.


·         Digital copy of your passport - one of the conditions of the filling process is to upload a digital copy of your passport. Scan your passport before you start filling out the application form. You will need to install it before sending.


·         E-mail address – You need also the printed copy of your electronic visa. Visa will be sent to you in PDF format via e-mail, so you need to add a valid e-mail address.





Application form

The Azerbaijan e visa application form for Turkish citizens A is divided into three easy steps. In any case, if you have any misunderstandings during the completing process you may contact with 24/7 support service.  First, off you should insert your basic information such as name, address, email, date of birth, passport info, and so on. You are also required to choose a processing time from the options listed above. In the second step make sure that all the information you insert is exact and make the payment. In the last step, you need to upload your passport scan. Depending on personal circumstances other documents may also be necessary. At the end of completing the process, submit your form and wait for an email. The visa will be sent to your e-mail address.





Azerbaijan e-visa - processing time and fees


Visa offers highly competitive prices for Turkish citizens. Applicants are offered three options during the application process. Here's what you can choose from:



·         Standard e Visa – For only 65 $. This is the most advantageous option you have. You can get a visa within 3 business days. It is recommended to apply 6 days before departure.

·         Urgent e Visa  – this one is perfect for people who forgot about their visa or have an emergency and need to be on the plane to Azerbaijan the next day. You will receive your Azerbaijan e visa in just 3 hours within. The total amount will reach 110 $.





Azerbaijan visa will allow Turkish citizens to stay in Azerbaijan for a maximum of 30 days. Even so, if your trip is longer than 10 days, you must be registered with the State Immigration Service. Hotels or your company provide such service for you.

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