Azerbaijani visa for Vietnamese

VisaAzerbaijan is still new to the electronic visa system. It was implemented last January 2017 and was named There are 93 nations in total, including Vietnamese, which can be implemented via the web. Currently there are negotiations with Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates. Gradually, more and more countries have an Azerbaijan electronic visa.

To check if you are eligible for an evisa in Azerbaijan, all you need to do is to use the Visa Checker Visa service. As a citizen, you add Vietnamese and Azerbaijan as your destination and the information you need to know will be displayed in one second. If applicable, you will be directed to the application. It's that simple.

Which documents are required for Vietnamese?

Before you apply, it is best to bring together all the documents you need to provide. The list is short, luck, you have everything you need.

Valid passport - you need a passport when you go elsewhere. If you already have one, make sure that it is valid and stay for at least three months from the date of departure until Azerbaijan.

Digital copy of your passport - you need to scan your passport before filling out the form. You will need to upload your application before submitting it. When the info page is the most important, scan the whole thing.

The current e-mail address - although evisa will be electronically linked to your passport, Visa will still send you the document in PDF format via e-mail. You must print and take with you. You will be asked at the immigration office. Just print a few copies and put them in different bags to be safe. So you can be sure that you won't lose your visa.

Payment tools - Visa accepts multiple payment methods. You can use your credit or debit card and since more people have Paypal accounts, Visa also allows you to use it.

Azerbaijani evisa for Vietnam - application form

Once you have collected all the documents, you can continue to fill out the application form. This is easy to understand and when you only need help, Visa has a great support service ready to receive your 24/7 calls.

The form consists of three simple steps. First, your name, address, e-mail, passport information, etc. He will ask you to enter your general information. At this point, you will also need to select a processing time. Note that your selection will determine the amount of money you will pay in the second step. Visa offers three

excellent options:

The next step consists of revision and payment. Traveling in Vietnamese should include the information carefully and accurately to avoid confusion or loss of your document. The final step will ask you to upload additional information and answer a series of personal questions. For the previous action, not everyone needs to upload the same documents. For example, if you are traveling without your child and other parent, you will need a letter of permission from that parent. After that, you can press send and wait for the visa to arrive in your email inbox.

The document will allow the Vietnamese people to stay in Azerbaijan for a maximum of 1 month, but if you will last longer than 10 days, you must register your trip with the State Immigration Service. Hotels offer such a service for you and also makes business hosts.