About the Azerbaijan Online e-Visa

The Azerbaijan Online e-Visa is an electronic visa for travelers, which is prepared via an online application system. It was introduced in 2013 to ease visa processing for citizens of different countries who wish to come and stay in Azerbaijan for about 30 days.
The Azerbaijan e-Visa, also known as the ASAN visa, can be acquired by completing the online application with personal information, travel details, passport data, and some security questions before requiring payment via credit or debit card. After the message about a confirmation of e-Visa for Azerbaijan is sent to the applicant’s e-mail address within 24h, and in some cases up to three business days.
Azerbaijan e-Visa Conditions

You  should know the following important information relates to the e-Visa for the Republic of Azerbaijan:
  • The e-visa for Azerbaijan let in its holder to visit the country for a maximum duration of thirty days.
  • You can enter and exit Azerbaijan only once with the e-Visa.
  • The e-Visa for Azerbaijan is commonly processed within 24 hours but sometimes could take up to 3 working days.
 Terms of Eligibility for Azerbaijan e-Visa

To visit Azerbaijan with the e-Visa, foreigners must follow the following requirements:
  • All appliers must be citizens of one of the eligible countries as stated in the list below.
  • You can apply for E-visa when are outside Azerbaijan.
  • You should have a valid email address.
       ·      You should even have a legitimate credit/debit card.  You will make the online visa fee payment with it.
  • And passports of e-Visa holders must be valid for at least six months from the arrival date in Azerbaijan.
Additional Information about the Azerbaijan Online e-Visa
  • e-Visa owners have to print out at least one copy of their e-Visa for Azerbaijan.
  • Upon arrival, foreigners will be asked to present their e-Visa at the border control checkpoint.
  • Travelers are advised to take their printed copy of the e-Visa with them at all times during their stay.
  • Once the validity period has passed, the e-Visa becomes invalid and you can`t use it for entering  Azerbaijan.
  • The duration of stay of the e-Visa holder may not be over the assigned 30-day period.
  • If the period of stay of the e-Visa owner exceeds 10 days, he/she must provide that they are registered with the State Migration Service for free, usually done via tourist accommodation.
Additional evidence requirements:

·         The applier may have to be compelled to give the subsequent documents to support the application:
•     A scanned color copy of the chronicle page of this valid passport;
The applier can submit this information at a later date. To provide this document at the moment of application is not urgent.

Requirements to enter Azerbaijan
For making the entry into Azerbaijan easy, it is essential to present the following upon arrival:
  1. A printout of your approved Azerbaijan e-Visa;
  1. A passport valid for at least six months from the arrival date in Azerbaijan.
Entry Ports for Azerbaijan

Travelers who own an Azerbaijan e-Visa may enter into the country through all air, sea and land ports.

Check Status for Azerbaijan e-Visa Application

After the applier has submitted his/her online application, all e-Visa notifications and updates will be sent his/her email.
The confirmation about the e-Visa will also be sent to the applicant email within 24 hours, however, some may take longer to process, up three (3) business days and it is because of submission of a complete application.
To watch over the status of a finished online Azerbaijan e-Visa application, please click here

Online e-Visa Application for the Republic of Azerbaijan

In order to finish and submit an internet application for an e-Visa to Azerbaijan, candidates should have a legitimate passport, email address and a credit or open-end credit.
Please note that first and last names, place and date of birth, address, sex, passport number, and nationality - must appear exactly as they do on the applicant’s passport.
All eligible candidates will click here to submit their Azerbaijan e-Visa application online.