Azerbaijan Visa for Canadian Citizens

Starting in January 2017, Azerbaijan launched a system called VisaAzerbaijan visas, enabling citizens of 93 countries to obtain an electronic visa that allows passengers to cross the border crossing. This was an important step for the development of tourism and people who wanted to travel there could not be happier. It is a great improvement to apply for a visa instead of going to a diplomatic mission.

Canada is one of those 93 countries, so if you are a Canadian citizen planning to travel to Azerbaijan, you're in luck. You can apply for an Azerbaijani evisa by using the services offered by IVAA. The transaction is completely online and you'll be with it in 20 minutes.

What documents do you need?

Make sure you have the required documents before you apply. In this way, the process runs smoother. List of what you need:

If there is already a valid passport, make sure that your electronic visa is valid at least three months after the expiration date. This is a general requirement for people going to Azerbaijan.

Digital scanning of your passport - to apply online, you need to scan your passport and upload it to the download page when Canada Visa wants it. This takes place in the third step of the application form.

Payment tools - Canada e Visa accepts multiple payment methods. You can use a credit or debit card, but if you want Bank Transfer, you can use it.

The current e-mail address - when ready, evisa will be sent in PDF format via e-mail. For this to happen, you need a valid e-mail address. Double check the spelling before submitting your application.

Application form

Once you have collected all the documents you need, you can switch to the application form itself. It should not take more than 20 minutes to complete and you can call Canada e-Visa's support service if you need help. Someone will help you at every step.

The first step involves filling in your basic information. This is clearly simple. At the same time, a step requires that you select the processing time of the application. You have three options: Canada Standard Visa, and Urgent Visa. The differences between the three are the period when you have to wait for your visa to arrive and the price.

The second phase of the application process consists of a simple revision and payment. Revision is required, so you can double-check everything you put in the first step. Furthermore, payment can be made using one of the above mentioned means. At the final stage, you will be asked to upload your scan. You prove you have one. 

Once you have finished all of this, you can press the send button and wait for the visa to arrive in your inbox. The document you receive will allow you to stay in Azerbaijan for 30 days, but if you stay longer than 10 days, do not forget to record your trip to the State Immigration Service in Azerbaijan.