Electronic Visa Application System in Azerbaijan

In order to be able to enter a foreign country, official permission from the authorities of that country is called a visa. Getting a visa is the biggest obstacle to our travel abroad. Although freedom of travel is one of the basic human rights, the states have the power to decide which foreigners will enter their country, as well as an indisputable international law principle.

If you have not applied for a visa so far, what is Azerbaijan visa, where to get a visa and what you need to get a visa to be informed about what you need. You need a passport to get Azerbaijan visa. What is a passport and read my passport application. You must have received a passport at least 1 month before your travel and you will need to collect the necessary documents for your purpose.

What is a visa

Urgent Azerbaijan visa is a record of a state's entry into the passport of a foreigner who will travel to his country through his foreign agents or border authorities and that the foreigner can enter the border crossing of his country and apply for entry into the border authorities. eVisa for Azerbaijan is pasted on your passport page.

Where to get a Azerbaijan visa

Many countries want visas from citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Visas will be traveling to the country;

From the Consular Department of the Azerbaijan Embassy;

Consulate General or Can be taken from the Consulate

Some countries may also issue visas through Honorary Consulates or Honorary Consulates.

According to international rules, it is the right way for you to apply for a visa at the place of your permanent residence. The country you are going to have multiple Consulate and Consulate in Azerbaijan, the need to make a representation that is close to where your visa application your domicile. Find out about this at the relevant consulate's website or call them to find out where the nearest consulate is located.

Tourism companies selling tours abroad can do the work required for obtaining a visa. Apart from that, there are also companies specialized in obtaining visas.

Visa-free countries

There is no need to get a visa to visit some countries. You just need your passport and a plane ticket. Azerbaijan citizens have the possibility of visa-free travel to over 100 countries worldwide. Ukraine, Georgia and Northern Cyprus can pass without a visa without a visa.