Azerbaijan e -Visa

You need e-visa for azerbaijan. Do not forget to take your Azerbaijan visa with you while traveling to Azerbaijan with e-visa. Azerbaijan transit visa mean is Azerbaijan e-visa and allows you to sign up for entry visa to Azerbaijan. It is very simple for to get Azerbaijan e-visa and mean is Visa for Azerbaijan. Get your Azerbaijan e-visa or Baku visa now at with e visa Application System. Apply for Azerbaijan visa online and get your e visa Azerbaijan, ASAN visa in only 3 steps.There are 9 national parks, 11 state natural reserves and 24 state nature reserves in Azerbaijan. In general, specially protected natural areas make up 10.3% of the country's territory, including 3.7% of national parks. You can see our sightseeing places by taking Azerbaijan tourist visa. Azerbaijan has very beautiful historical artifacts, regions and springs.97 species of mammals, 357 species of birds, 67 species of amphibians and reptiles, 1 species of roundabouts, 97 species of fish and more than 15 thousand invertebrates have been registered in the nature of Azerbaijan. The range of animal species in the country is different. The Red Book of the Republic of Azerbaijan included the names of 108 species of animals. Of these, 14 are mammals, 36 species of birds, 13 species of reptile and water-based, 5 species of fish and 40 species of insects. There are 30 species of fishes in the sweet waters of the republic and the Caspian Sea. Most of these fishes are kept in the Kura river, in the lakes and streams around the Kura, as well as in the Mingachevir reservoir. Most of the hunted fish are transient and semiconductor (growing in the sea, crossing the river to spoil). You have an opportunity to see the beautiful nature of Azerbaijan through the Azerbaijan e-visa.The territory of Azerbaijan has a rich flora. There are more than 4500 flowering, high-quality plant species. The species found in Azerbaijan make up 66% of the total number of plant species endangered in the Caucasus. The relic of the third period in Azerbaijan is also rich in breeds, which are more common in all zones, especially in the Talysh area. Among them are iron, Lankaran akas, chestnut oak, bigger, shumshad and others. can be shown. There are 240 endemic plants in the country. Azerbaijan e visa will allow you to see the beauty of nature in all zones in Azerbaijan.From the hydrological point of view, the Republic of Azerbaijan belongs to the Caspian Sea Basin. The basis of the country's hydrographic network is the rivers. There are 8,359 rivers run by different lengths across the country. Of these, 8188 of the length of the river are less than 25 km long. With Azerbaijan visa you can see each of the 24 rivers with a length of 100 km. The largest rivers flowing through the territory of the Republic: Kura, Araz, Ganchchay, Gabri, Samurchay, Tertchay, Turyanchay, Agstafachay, Hakari, Bargushad, Sumgayitchay, Vishichay and others.

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