Information on What is e-Visa?

e-Visa is a permit which gives access to Azerbaijan.

It provides an alternative to the visas issued at the border gates with visas issued from our agencies.

Applicants can obtain e-visas by providing necessary information and making e-Visa tuition payments by credit or debit card.

After the successful completion of the application, the link for downloading the e-Visa Azerbaijan is presented on the final stage of the application and sent to the applicant's e-mail address. At the border gates, passport control officers can control e-Visa information from their systems. However, users are advised to keep their e-Visa printed or digitally (tablet computer, smartphone etc.) in case the system is offline.

E-tourist visa to Azerbaijan or non-commercial purposes (work, student visas, etc.) does not apply to journeys to be made. Visa application system is very important to service and you can take now e visa Azerbaijan.

As in all visas, e-Visa Azerbaijan authorities have reserved the right not to allow a person to enter Azerbaijan without specifying why.